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ACCESS MASTER INC is one of the most professional and experienced Garage Door companies with services that have the best price in the city. In case you need the repair services of garage door, you can always contact Us. The rates are very affordable, which is again an additional point for Our popularity. In case your garage door has been damaged recently, you can contact our company, as soon as possible.  Access Master Inc has fully fledged technicians, which would be eager to help you in every way possible.

In addition to serving our costumers in Bakersfield, CA, we also work with the following communities to ensure absolute home comfort and efficiency:

Just need to have the garage door maintained in order for it to remain functional in the long-term?

This is a service we provide and have mastered to ensure you get the best of the best. Our technician will make sure to provide a series of quality finishing touches when it comes to maintenance of the door.

  • Garage Door Off Track Repair
  • Cable snapped or got loose

  • Damaged garage panel

  • Door does not close

  • Garage door maintenance

  • Remotes/Keypads

  • Parts

  • Weather stripping

  • More...

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